Academic Integrity

Discernment of Terms

  • is an essay writing service that assists students in producing high-quality academic papers while still ensuring academic excellence and honesty.
  • Under the contract, any professional essay writer who works for a business as part of a professional writing and editing team is referred to as a "writing expert". The words Expert or Writing Expert are also used in the same way.
  • A Customer or Client (usually a student) is someone who comes to for assistance from an essay writer. And, to use the platform's tools and samples of free academic assignments, among other things.
  • The Company offers a Writing Service through its Writing Experts. The paper writing service is limited in duration and tailored to the requirements of the Customer.
  • 'To Deliver Writing Service' means to write or create an assignment or paper for money. It is any sort of written work, such as a term paper, dissertation, essay, report, or other similar works. It may include recorded speech and artwork as other types of papers and assignments.
  • Product is the end result of the order that the client has placed and is the writing service provided to the customer in exchange for a fee. It is an exact copy or completed and unique sample of the ordered assignment but it is not intended to be submitted as the student's own work to any university, college, academy, school, or other educational institution which is chartered, incorporated, licensed, registered, or supervised by the state, to fulfil the requirements of a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study at any such educational institution.


We are part of an international movement dedicated to providing more customized learning methods so that everyone may attend higher education, and we're excited to join a community of people who will help us achieve this goal.

This document describes our approach to making the most of our ‘write my paper’ business.
  • strongly believes that the practice of selling academic papers has no useful function and is harmful to students, education, and society in general. does not endorse or advocate for such behavior on its website.
  • We do not provide essay writing services to students who aim to cheat on their homework. Helping you get a high grade on a paper that isn't yours, obtaining you a degree with a thesis or dissertation that isn't yours, or any other form of academic dishonesty is included in this category.
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  • We don't allow any essay writing professionals to assist pupils in cheating, plagiarizing, or disregarding their school's academic standards. Assisting students with taking examinations or submitting completed assignments is included in this prohibition. If one of our writers is found to aid a student cheat on a test, he or she will be dismissed's List of Dishonest Academic Actions

  • Plagiarism does not grant permission to republish or resell the academic work it produces, unless with appropriate attribution.

  • Collusion

    Using an unauthorized writer, for example, to complete academic work that is not acceptable by the institution.

  • Copying

    Submitting academic work produced by writing professionals for a grade without their knowledge or consent.

  • Impersonation

    Claiming to be a writing expert at, or impersonating a student.

  • Contract Cheating

    Committing academic fraud by paying money or another form of compensation to have work done by an expert.

  • Data Fabrication and Falsification

    Fabricating, manipulating, or backing up false claims, such as altering photographs.

List of Restricted Task Requests Service Users

Your account will be permanently deleted if you are a customer and you break any of the rules outlined in this document, whether you use the website or the mobile app. Here are examples of common claims that go against our rules and conditions.

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  • Assisting a student in completing his or her academic tasks.
  • Taking on the identity of a student for ulterior motives or providing work that the student might pass on as his or her own.
  • Students are not permitted to buy exam or test answers, as well as any other academic activities that the instructor forbids them to get from an outside source.
  • Medicine, health, and life science papers may not be ghostwritten.
  • The process of creating dissertations, theses, term papers, or research papers is known as ghostwriting. We do not do research work on students’ behalf.
  • Making fraudulent accounting reports
  • Other work that may violate university or company rules.

A Note to Students

Do not utilize or any of its services for activities that are in violation of your institution's rules and regulations.

Customers should not contact or use to engage in unlawful behavior such as cheating or violating academic integrity and college rules. It is not permissible to employ a writing expert through to plagiarize, cheat, or break rules, and doing so may have severe and serious consequences.

A Note to Writing Experts

We at think about providing our clients and students with the best service possible. We trust that you will conduct yourself professionally and with integrity when dealing with consumers and students as a writing consultant on our platform.

As a writing expert on our platform, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • We have stringent academic and corporate rules that our writers must not violate.
  • Cheating or fraud should not be assisted by our academic writers.
  • If a writing service provider has knowledge or a cause to believe that services will be utilized incorrectly by students in an institution, they are not permitted to provide those services. The services may not be used to submit them in their entirety or in part as the student's own name to a third-party institution for the purposes of obtaining a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study.

A Note to Parents and Teachers

At, we welcome both parents and instructors to contribute to the project's global educational goal. According to us, future education will most likely be based on a customized learning style as well as instances from which to learn.

As a teacher, you must:

  • Allow the students to exchange the learning material produced by so that everyone could benefit from them.
  • Students can use the resources, samples, and services provided by to assist them in improving their research and writing skills.
  • To guarantee that students are able to access's services or products throughout their academic year.
  • Not to keep students from receiving expert assistance from's writing experts. This does not include help with research, composition, or the dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, report, or other written document. Students must complete any extra educational activities, which must be done by pupils and submitted with their academic credentials in order to fulfil the criteria for a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study.

As a parent, you are expected to:

  • Provide monetary aid to your kid in order to assist them to enhance their academic performance and skill development, as well as access to the goods and services for this objective.
  • provides samples and services to assist your child in better understanding ideas, learning at his or her own pace, and producing high-quality essays with little effort.

Academic Integrity Abuse

If you notice or witness any Academic Dishonesty infractions on the Platform, please notify us as soon as possible to report the violation.

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