Know the Differences Between Autobiography Vs. Biography

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autobiography vs biography

Autobiography and biographies are often used to tell the story of one's life. However, a key difference between them can influence how you write your own account.

An autobiography focuses on personal experience. At the same time, a bibliography relates primarily to public or notable moments in someone else’s lifetime.

Typically, biographies are written in a third-person voice, while autobiographies are written in a first-person voice.

People often get confused between biographies and autobiographies. They are both stories about a person's life experiences, but there is a difference.

So, start reading this blog and get to know their differences in detail.

What is an Autobiography?

An autobiography is a story of a person's life that the person themselves writes. It tells the story from their own point of view.

Further, it tells their life story as if they are telling it to you in person. Many autobiographies are written with help from other writers; the story is still told from the person’s own perspective.

You can write an autobiography about your life. Many people keep a journal of what has happened to them each day. This is an autobiography. Any story written from the first-person point of view and involves personal experiences is an autobiography.

Most autobiographies are told through literature. But, sometimes theater and music can be used to share this type of story as well.

The main purpose of writing an autobiography is to:

  • Provide a legacy for future generations.
  • Help you better understand your life’s journey.
  • Establish connections.
  • Give you a sense of purpose.
  • Improve your writing skills.

A good autobiography includes these things:

  • Time and place of birth
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Overview of personality
  • Special events that shaped your life

Moreover, people who write autobiographies ensure that their story is told the way they want it to be told. They also make sure that their voice is heard. This makes it so that their story cannot be erased from history. Future generations can use these autobiographies as a guide to doing better in the future.

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What is a Biography?

A biography is a detailed account of someone's life. This includes information about their family, work, and where they were born. If the person has died, biographers might also include information about how they died.

The author may include their opinionated thoughts about the person in a biography. For example, they may analyze their personality. The author might also give their thoughts on why specific choices were made.

The main purpose of writing the biography is to:

  • Develop a better understanding of the historical period.
  • Provide inspiration to the people.
  • Share another person's life story with the audience.

Further, a good biography will include a lot of research in order to be accurate. The author should learn about the person's life from different angles and present the most accurate picture possible.

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Autobiography Vs. Biography: Differences and Similarities

The below table discusses the key differences and similarities between autobiography and biography.

Autobiography Biography
It is a primary source of information It is a secondary source of information
It is subjective It is objective
It is written at the end of the author’s life It can be written at any time
It contains thoughts and feelings It does not contain thoughts and feelings
Present, and past information don’t need to be collected Present, and past information collected from different sources
Author uses first-person point of view Author uses third-person point of view
Autobiography Biography
Include facts Present the facts
Include the date of birth, and birthplace, education, etc. Include details like the date of birth, birthplace, education, etc.
Give people inspiration Give people inspiration

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Autobiography Vs. Biography Vs. Memoir

The following table gives a better understanding of the differences between autobiography, biography, and memoir.

Autobiography Biography Memoir
Subjective Objective Subjective
Written afterlife Can be written anytime Can be written anytime
Author uses first-person point of view Author uses third-person point of view Author uses first-person point of view
Include personal thoughts and feelings Do not include personal thoughts and feelings Include personal thoughts and feelings
Written by that person Written by someone else An account of a specific timeframe

Now, you get to know the difference between autobiography vs. biography. When writing a captivating and successful life story, you should plan your time wisely. You need to read books that will inspire you and search online for information about various styles of writing, formats, etc.

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