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7 Compelling Essay Hooks and Hook Example to Start your Essay

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Published on: Jan 3, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 3, 2023

Hook Example

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No one wants to write a boring piece of paper that people only skim through, right? In order to get your reader’s attention, you should make it exciting by using hook statements.

Hook statements are either questions or facts that grab your reader’s attention as soon as they start reading. Such statements make the reader wonder what is going to happen next.

You can be creative while writing these statements, as there are 7 types of hook statements that can be used for any kind of essay writing assignment.

Before you start your essay, read this blog! You will learn more about hook statements with a hook example.

What is an Essay Hook?

A hook statement is a part of a piece of writing that encourages readers to continue reading. It is usually the opening statement. The intention of the writer behind writing an essay hook is to hook the reader and engage him to read the entire essay.

Depending on the topic of your essay, you have to decide how to use the information you have to write a perfect hook statement. Moreover, when learning how to start an essay properly, you can use a good hook statement.

Make sure that you do enough research on the subject to write a good essay hook, it can be a fact that intimidates the readers or a question that really makes them want to know the answer.

7 Types of Hooks

There are 7 different types of hook statements that can be used to write a fine hook statement.

  • Interesting Question Hook
  • Declaration Hook
  • Fact Hook
  • Metaphor Hook
  • Story Hook
  • Description Hook
  • Quotation Hook

Keep on reading to understand how each one of these essay hook types can make your piece of writing intriguing to the audience.

Question Hook

An attractive question at the beginning of your essay will make your reader curious. It might be because the question is something that they’ve been asking themselves too. This is called a question hook, and the answer to such a hook lies in the essay.

In order to search for the answer to the question, the reader will be compelled to read the entire essay. Even if they do know the answer, they will be curious to know how you answered it and whether the answer they have in mind is correct or not.

An example of a question hook for students is:

"What is the difference between successful college students and unsuccessful college students?”

Declaration Hook

A declaration hook means starting your essay with a bold claim that will intrigue your readers and they will want to know what reasonings you have to back up the claim.

It doesn’t matter whether your readers agree with the statement or not, the goal is to make a declaration and then back it up with reasonings. The reader will either agree with your point of view or be totally against it.

An example of a declaration hook is:

“Online college classes are cheaper and more effective than in-person college classes.”

Fact Hook

A fact hook or a statistic hook shares a surprising fact with the reader in the very first line to alert them. It will provide the readers with accurate information on the subject that they want to read about.

To write a good fact hook, your research done should be extensive and it should be able to cover the entire topic at hand leaving no ambiguities behind for the reader to solve.

Therefore, double-check the information that you provide. To help you understand, read this example on the gun problem in the United States:

“Almost two-thirds of American adults at some point in their life lived in a home with at least one gun.”

Metaphor Hook

When you use a metaphor to explain an idea or a topic, it sparks an interest in the readers. It is also known as a Simile hook.

Unique metaphors pull the readers towards the piece of writing and that is exactly what writers want when they write a metaphor hook.

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Essay writing doesn’t have to be redundant or boring, these various forms of statements can make writing fun. If you are not good with forming metaphors to explain a topic, don’t worry, read this example:

“A business blog is a magnet pulling clients to a company.”

Story Hook

Who doesn’t love a good story? Now imagine if you start your essay with a short story that your readers will find amusing.

This will make your essay exciting to read for many, this is called a story hook and can be written for any type of essay.

You have the liberty of sharing a personal story or a story that inspired you. The idea is to connect the story with the topic so the readers understand the topic better.

“What is an example of a hook in a story?”

Many people love reading such a writing format that explains everything in the form of a story. Here is an example of a story hook that you might find interesting:

I got off the train and pulled my luggage behind me. A cab pulled up to the curb, and the driver got out. He lifted my luggage and said, “Miss, I’m just going to put your stuff in the boot.” I didn’t know what he meant until I saw him open the car’s trunk. Then I realized the boot means car trunk. I got in the cab, wondering how many other words would be different in England.”

Description Hook

Writing a hook really depends on the topic or subject at hand. A description hook allows you to give a description that will help the readers understand the full meaning of the subject.

Descriptive hooks are very common when writing a narrative essay, as it helps the writer paint a picture for the audience.

An example of a descriptive hook is:

“The dog howled in pain and limped along the side of the road. His leg was cut and blood streamed down his leg.”

Quotation Hook

If a quote inspires you and you think it will speak to your audience as well, add it as a quotation hook. Quotation hooks are strong quotes that are either said by a famous person or have a strong point.

Usually, quotation hooks are inspiring words said by an influential person who is celebrated by a lot of people.

A quotation hook example is:

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

How to Write an Essay Hook?

Now that you know the types of essay hooks, the next important task is to write an essay hook that will have an impact on your piece of writing. Here are the steps to write an essay hook:

“How do you write a hook example?”

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1. Understand the literary work

To write an essay hook, you should know about the type of work that you will be doing. Therefore, before deciding the type of hook example you will be using, focus more on understanding the essay that you have been assigned.

2. Purpose of your Writing

Ask yourself what the purpose of your piece of writing is. Is it delivering what it promises? Keep in mind that your audience will read what you have written. Once you understand this, use the appropriate language.

For example, if the purpose of your writing is to address a formal group of people, make sure that your choice of words in your hook example sentence is formal.

3. Know your Target Audience

It is important to know about your target audience, as you will be communicating with them. Understanding what your audience wants is important since you want to impress them.

4. Write your Outline

After you have understood everything, start writing the essay outline of your essay. The essay will give you an idea of how you are supposed to fill in the information and the main structure of your essay hook.

What Factors Help you Choose a Good Hook?

It can be tricky choosing the right hook for your essay especially when there are so many types available. There are some factors that can help you choose the perfect hook for your essay.

These factors are:

  • Your Audience
  • Type of Essay

These are the two most important factors to elaborate on hook example in writing. Hook statement depends on the type of essay you have to write and also on the audience you are writing for.

If you keep in mind both of these factors while doing your work, you will be able to produce a good piece of writing. Essay topics can tell you the type of essay you have to work on, whether it is a research paper or a thesis statement.

Reading your essay once you have written it is important. You should proofread before you submit it and read the hook statement with a fresh perspective. This is how great hooks are written.

“What is a good hook sentence?”

Let’s take an example of a hook sentence for presentation:

By the end of this presentation, not only will you know how important socks are in our lives, you will have ten fun facts about socks that you probably didn’t know, and four new sock jokes that you can use to amaze and amuse your friends.”

Types of Essays with Hook Examples

Are you still finding it difficult to write an intriguing hook example? Don’t worry, here we have given an example for each type of essay to give you a better idea of how a hook statement changes based on the type of essay.

Hook Example for Argumentative Essay

There are thousands of dams around the world. Dams are used for water supply, irrigation, flood defenses, and hydroelectric power. Despite these good elements, however, there are some bad elements related to dams.”

Persuasive Essay Hook Example

You probably have no idea how bad it is to use disposable water bottles. Plastic bottles are dangerous to use and there is a solid justification of why it is better to avoid using disposable water bottles.”

Narrative Essay Hook Example

“I am really not sure if it is a real memory or just something that became more solid over time. But I am not sure that my neighbor once tried to murder me.”

Hook Example - Literature

“Yossarian was in the hospital with a pain in his liver that fell just short of being jaundiced.” - Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

“The imagery in the poem ‘Fern Fill’ by Dylan Thomas reveals the ambiguity of the relationship between humans and nature.”

Now that you know what an essay hook is and have read all the hook examples given in this blog, you can start writing your essay hook.

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As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

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