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Learn to Write an Article Review-With the Professionals

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Published on: Dec 10, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 11, 2023

Article Review

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Article reviews are a great way for newbies to understand the work done in other fields. These reviews allow experts to evaluate various works for originality and clarity.

Are you struggling to write your article review? Do you not know where to start or how to format it correctly? Don't worry, you're not alone.

In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how to format your review, give you a sample essay and provide some examples of what a great review looks like. Writing a well-done article review will be easy with this guide at your hand.

So let's get started!

What is an Article Review?

A professional paper writing that demands a high level of in-depth analysis and well-structured presentation arguments is called an article review.

An article review is a critical, constructive evaluation of a piece of literature through summary, classification, analysis, comparison and other sources.

In order to write a successful article review, one must use database searches and summarize all research findings. You should also make your essay easy-to-read with a clear understanding of what has been researched on the topic previously.

Types of Review

Here are the types of article reviews;

Journal Article Review

Journal articles review the strengths and weaknesses of a publication. To do this, you need to provide analysis and interpretation that demonstrates how valuable it could be for other people to read about what was written in the article.

Research Article Review

This type of paper is different from an article review. The research article reviews/evaluates the used research method.

Science Article Review

It includes the reviews of articles related to any field of science. The more information you have on the background of any publication, the better equipped you will be to analyze its strengths and weaknesses.

Answer These Questions Before Writing the Article Review

The case study format can seem complicated, but it's actually quite simple. There are eight parts of a well-formatted case study. Here is a detail of these eight parts:

  • What format is used in the published article?
  • How long will your article be according to the actual length of the article?
  • If you need to add your personal opinion, critique or summary to the review essay?
  • Do you need to give a call-to-action theme in the review essay?
  • If your professor asks you for background information?

One can write an excellent review article when he/she answers these questions.

Using the APA Format

Articles are most often published in academic journals, newspapers and websites. If you write an article review for your APA format, it's important to include bibliographical entries or sources that were used when the article was written:

Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Year, Month, Date of Publication). Title. Retrieved from {link}
Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Publication Year). Publication Title. Periodical Title, Volume(Issue), pp.-pp.
Author [last name], A.A [first and middle initial]. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Publication Title. Magazine Title, pp. xx-xx.

After APA, MLA writing format is mostly used by authors to write their articles:

Last, First Middle Initial. “Publication Title.” Website Title. Website Publisher, Date Month Year Published. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.
Last, First M. “Publication Title.” Newspaper Title [City] Date, Month, Year Published: Page(s). Print.
Last, First M. “Publication Title.” Journal Title Series Volume. Issue (Year Published): Page(s). Database Name. Web. Date Month Year Accessed.

The Pre-Writing Process for an Article Review

Preparing for an article review is one of the most daunting tasks you can take on. Thankfully, with a few preparatory steps and some efforts, your first review can be extraordinary!

Follow these steps when planning you write a review of someone's article:

  1. Roughly summarize the article.
  2. Collect the positive points of the work.
  3. Look for the research gaps.
  4. Highlights the questions which are unanswered in the research work.
  5. Then deeply understand the title of the work.
  6. Read the abstract, introduction, and other chapters step by step. Comprehend the ideas.
  7. Focus on the beginning sections and ending sections of the articles because they contain the chief information.
  8. Revise the article if you skipped some ideas.

These steps will definitely help you compose and write a better article review assignment and get a good grade for the assignment.

Article Review Format

Here is the format that you need to make the outline of your review article:

  • Pre-title page: This is an article reviewing the current status of research in this field. It includes information about the author.
  • Author details: Further details of the author like phone number, email, full anime and fax number.
  • Running head: In APA format, keep the title less than 40 characters.
  • Summary page: The summary should be written in under 800 words. Use easy and concise language for writing the summary.
  • Title page: Write the full title, then write the abstract with a few keywords.
  • Introduction
  • Body: Add heading & sub-headings in this.
  • Cited Works/References
  • Optional Suggested Reading Page
  • Figures and Tables

Steps for Writing an Article Review

Here are the steps that you need to follow to write the reviews of an article:

1.Write the title showing the main aim of your work.

2. Create a proper citation of the work which you are reviewing. For example, Abraham John. “The World of Dreams.” Virginia Quarterly 60.2(1991): 125-67. Print.

3. Identify the article. Write the following for identification of the article:

      • Article’s title
      • Author
      • Journal’s title
      • Year of publication

For instance, The report, “Poverty increases school drop-outs,” was written by Brian Faith – a Health officer – in 2000.

 4. Then write the introduction of your review, containing the name of the article & thesis statement. Write the main points of the article. Highlight the positive aspects of the work.

5. Give a summary of the article in the body section of your review.

6. Critically evaluate the work.

7. Conclude your review by rephrasing the chief point so the review.

8. Revise the review for grammatical errors and take it to perfection.

Article Review Examples

Why have we devoted an entire section of this blog for checking examples? You might think it's not important, but in fact, looking at various examples of good reviews will actually help you with your writing.

Examples are beneficial and they can help you in the following ways:

  • To help you find solid references and arguments for your own review.
  • To get you introduced to the key works of experts in your field.
  • To get a clear idea of how to write a good review.
  • To help you identify the key people engaged in a particular field of science.
  • To help you gain a better understanding of the area and become an expert in this specific field.
  • To help you define what significant discoveries and advances were made in your field.
  • To help you generate some ideas about any further field of research.
  • To help you unveil the major gaps within the existing knowledge of your field—which contributes to finding fresh solutions.

Article Review Topics

  • Communication Differences between Males and Females
  • The Importance of Sport for Students
  • Negative Health Effects Caused by Illegal Drugs and Substances
  • Use of Drugs in Professional Sports
  • Street Art Tendencies in the USA
  • Obesity and Its Negative Effects on Health
  • Causes and Treatment of Infectious Diseases
  • Ethnic Music
  • Illegal Immigration in the USA
  • Global Warming

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of article review?

The main purpose of writing an article review is to give an accurate, valuable & informative summary of the work. It helps the reader to have the idea of work without investing much time in reading the lengthy article.

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As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

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