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Persuasive Essay About Smoking- Free Examples and Tips For Students

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Published on: Jan 25, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 30, 2023

persuasive essay about smoking

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Do you know that smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans yearly? That's more than AIDS, car accidents, and firearms deaths combined! Alarming isn't it? 

Now, writing on such a sensitive theme is equally daunting! 

Not only do you have to worry about making your argument, but you also have to make sure that it's a good one. If you don't have any evidence, your essay will be weaker and more likely to be dismissed by the reader.

Don't let them ignore your efforts like that!

Check out our top samples and expert tips, and learn how to write a powerful persuasive essay about smoking. These examples will help you convince even the most stubborn readers of your stance.

So let’s craft an influential essay that can alter lives.

What is a Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is a written argumentative piece of work in which you must convince the reader to accept your point of view. It’s an essential writing technique used in many different types of academic essays, from literature reviews to lab reports.

In this case, you must persuade your reader that smoking is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

Moreover, convince readers that smoking is the single most hazardous reason for lung cancer.

How to accomplish this difficult task?

Well, you will need to draw on scientific evidence and use logical reasoning. You may also want to consider using emotional appeals or anecdotes to make your argument more compelling.

Download this sample to understand the right way to convince smokers about the health issues related to tobacco products.

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Persuasive Essay Examples About Smoking

A persuasive essay on quitting smoking can be incredibly effective in raising awareness of the effects of smoking. Thus, it provides people with the necessary tools to make informed decisions about their life. 

To write successfully, one must establish facts to support the intended message. These facts include:

  • Evidence on how smoke can cause cancer
  • Evidence of other people’s success stories on smoking-related illness 
  • Research into why people smoke in the first place. 

Want to know how?

Here are some of our professionally written samples to enable you to write a noteworthy essay.

Watch the video below to gather more thought-provoking content related to hazardous nature of smoking. 

Argumentative Essay About Smoking Examples

Argumentative essays about smoking are key to persuading a smoker to give up the habit. To do so, you must research both sides of the argument presenting evidence for and against smoking.

By doing this, smokers can be presented with information on the physical and mental health hazards associated with cigarette use.

Download these samples to stop the spread of carbon monoxide and save the planet from pollution.

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Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay About Smoking

When it comes to persuading an audience about the dangers of smoking, it’s vital to know expert persuasive essay tips. 

Here are some latest tips to write a quality essay on smoking

1. Start with an Outline: Before you start writing your essay, it is important to create an outline. This will help you to organize your thoughts and arguments in a logical way. An outline will also help you to stay on track while you are writing your essay.

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Check out our persuasive essay outline blog if you are struggling with your outline.

2. Make a Strong Argument: When writing a persuasive essay, it is important to make a strong argument. You should take a position on the issue of smoking and support your position with evidence. 

Be sure to consider both sides of the issue and use logic and reason to support your argument.

3. Use Evidence: When making your argument, be sure to use evidence to support your thesis statement. This could include statistics, expert testimony, or personal anecdotes. 

Note: The more evidence you can provide, the stronger your argument will be.

4. Be Logical: When making your argument, be sure to use logic and reason. Avoid emotional language and fallacies that could weaken your argument. Instead, focus on making a well-reasoned case for your position.

5. Be Persuasive: In order to convince your reader of your point of view, you need to be persuasive. Use strong language that will leave no doubt in the reader’s mind as to where you stand on the issue. Be clear, and concise, and use strong words in your writing.

6. Never forget to Edit and Proofread Your Essay: Once you have finished writing your essay, it is important to edit and proofread it before you submit it.

Be sure to check for grammar and spelling errors and make sure that your argument is clear and convincing. Also, make sure that the rhythm of your entire essay complies with the persuasive essay topic you've selected. 

With these crucial tips, it’s possible to spread the importance of refraining from smoking.

In a nutshell…

When writing a persuasive essay on smoking, it is important to consider all of the points that have been covered in this article. Keep in mind that your goal is to persuade your reader to see things from your point of view and ultimately agree with your position. 

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With that in mind, use the tips and examples above to write a stellar essay on smoking. Become a change leader by saving lives by convincing smokers to stop smoking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Would Be a Good Thesis Statement for Smoking?

There are a number of good thesis statements for smoking. 
For example,

  • "Smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States."
  • "Smoking has been linked to a number of health problems, including cancer and heart disease."
  • "Smoking is an expensive habit - it can cost up to $5,000 per year!"

What are Good Topics for Persuasive Essays?

Here are some compelling persuasive essay topics

  • Should smoking be banned in the United States?
  • Are teens at high risk of cancer?
  • Can passive smokers equally harm the planet?
  • Does smoking impact the environment?
  • Should guns be allowed at schools?
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Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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