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200+ Catchy Persuasive Essay Topics for 2023

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Published on: Jan 3, 2023

Last updated on: Jan 30, 2023

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A lot of students dread writing persuasive essays because they don't know what topic to choose. 

It's daunting to write a good persuasive essay, but it's even harder to come up with a good topic. Above all, if your audience isn't interested, they surely will set your paper aside and ignore you

Use this guide: Don't let them ignore you like that!

We have just the right solution for you. Our list of 200+ examples of persuasive essay topics will help get you started and interested in what you're writing about. From gun control to environmentalism, there's something for everyone on this list. So choose your favorite topic and start winning your reader from the very first line.

So why wait? Let's find a good persuasive essay topic for you!

Unique Persuasive Essay Topics For Students

Knowing how to write a persuasive essay is a valuable life skill. It can help you sway audiences in many situations. Discussing compelling topics play an important part in many aspects of our lives.

These essays help you to think outside the box and use your creativity to identify a unique solution. To make it easy for you, this video will guide you on how to write a compelling persuasive essay.

For your ease, we have broken down the topics in accordance with different grade levels. 

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

A persuasive essay is a challenging writing task for middle schoolers. This is a crucial time for kids to learn how to construct an effective argument supported by evidence and fact-based research.

To craft an effective essay, here are some interesting topics to win over your readers.

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 5

  • Should students get pocket money upgrades from parents?
  • Can the school day be shorter?
  • Does the school provide more opportunities for students to get involved in extracurricular activities?
  • Should the school day be shorter?
  • Should parents send lunch boxes or money for school breaks?
  • Are students allowed to bring their toys to school? 
  • Should teachers assign more homework?
  • Should we each have a separate school garden to grow vegetables?
  • Can students be allowed to bring pets?
  • Should students be allowed to use their cell phones during school hours?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 6

  • Should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  • Why students should be able to choose their own courses.
  • Should the school day start later?
  • Homework should be abolished. Here is why
  • Why Field trips should be more frequent.
  • Should class sizes should be smaller?
  • Discuss whether there should be more extracurricular activities offered.
  • Should teachers receive more training on how to deal with students with special needs?
  • Why should school buildings be more energy-efficient?
  • Can Junk food be healthy too?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 7

  • Should bullying be tolerated in schools?
  • Why are tests not an accurate measure of a student's knowledge?
  • Why is homework not beneficial for students?
  • Should Extracurricular activities become an essential part of student development?
  • Parents should be more involved in their children's education than the government. 
  • Should students be taught about the importance of proper nutrition?
  • Schools should provide more resources for mental health and well-being than field trips. 
  • Teachers should have more autonomy in the classroom than the principal.
  • Should students be given more opportunities for creative expression?
  • Can an elephant make the best pet?

Persuasive Essay Topics for Grade 8

  • Should students be given mandatory health and fitness classes? 
  • Should the school provide free breakfast for all students?
  • Should parents help children with assignments? 
  • Should teachers be graded by their students? 
  • Should students be taught in different languages to promote cultural understanding?
  • Are laptops and other electronic devices a good fit for the classroom setting? 
  • Should schools provide more mental health services for their students?
  • Is it beneficial for children to have younger teachers?
  • Should students be able to design their own classes?
  • Should parents be invited into classrooms more often? 

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

It's no secret that high school students need to master the art of persuasive writing to succeed. Writing persuasive essay topics are the best way to practice this important skill.

Select the best out of these topics to hook your reader. 

  • Should students undergo a drug test in high school?
  • All students should be required to participate in at least one extracurricular activity.
  • Should standardized tests be eliminated?
  • Why should all schools not have a dress code?
  • Should online schooling be adopted regardless of Covid 19?
  • Homeschooling, compared to a traditional school, can be a viable option for families.
  • Should prayers be allowed in schools?
  • The reason why corporal punishment should not be used in schools.
  • Schools should do more to prevent bullying than to mock the innocents.
  • Why vending machines should not be allowed in schools.

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

College students must learn the importance of authoritative persuasive essay topics to help them in their studies.

Here are some ways they can do so.

  • Why the college admissions process should be more transparent
  • Are colleges doing a better job of preparing students for the real world? 
  • Should the cost of tuition be reduced in the USA?
  • Why student loan debt is a major problem in the United States?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their services?
  • Should geek life be abolished on college campuses? 
  • Are standardized tests not an accurate measure of intelligence or ability?
  • Why is cheating better than failure?
  • Can high school teachers be at least 50 years old?
  • Should teachers promote sex education in school?

Persuasive Essay Topics for University

  • Should the benefits of a university education be free for all students?
  • Can athletes be paid for their services?
  • Is cell phone usage polluting students?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered to 18?
  • Is legalizing marijuana a good option for students?
  • Should violent video games be banned on university premises?
  • Professors should pay more taxes than lab assistants at universities.
  • Discuss whether letter grading is a judgment criterion for skills.
  • Why eating meat should not be discouraged in university cafeterias.
  • Should year-round school be banned?

Topic generation is usually followed by crafting a persuasive essay outline. As a university student, it is important to create a persuasive essay outline to mold your reader’s view.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics from Different Fields

Writing a persuasive essay can be challenging, but only if you don't have the right subject. 

To ensure you present an effective argument, it is important to choose an interesting topic. The structure and format of the persuasive essay also play a critical path in your convincing skills.

Here are some subject-wise topics to enable you to select the topic as per your discipline.


  • Do arts help us understand other cultures?
  • Why music helps us connect with our own culture?
  • Should theaters help us express ourselves?
  • Does visual art help us emotionally connect with others?
  • Does literature give us insight into the human condition?
  • Can music helps us appreciate different cultures? 
  • Does theater allow us to explore themes of social issues?
  • Does visual art connect us to our heritage and history?
  • Dance can express what words cannot describe.
  • Should art be made part of the school curriculum? 


  • Why is The US economy not sustainable?
  • Is the current economy unfair?
  • The United state’s economic conditions benefit the wealthy more than the poor.
  • Is the economy characterized by inequality, both in terms of income and wealth?
  • Is the current economy making it difficult for young people to get ahead?
  • Should the current economy put stress on families and communities?
  • “We need a new economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.”
  • Should the economy should be based on principles of fairness and sustainability and not exploitation?
  • Should corporations be required to pay their fair share of taxes?
  • Should politicians do more to help the poor and working class?


  • How can technology improve the education system and replace teachers?
  • Should physical education be mandatory for all students in school
  • Should education be culturally responsive and inclusive?
  • Is Education about more than just academics?
  • Should education be a fundamental human right?
  • Is education essential for the advancement of society?
  • Can technology provide more personalized learning experiences for each student?
  • Is there a need to ban certain books in schools?
  • Should Education be provided only by qualified teachers?
  • Should illegal immigrants have access to free education in The  USA?


  • Is the death penalty unethical?
  • Should it be permissible to eat meat?
  • Should government impose a higher tax on luxury goods?
  • Can all citizens have access to free healthcare?
  • Should animal testing of cosmetic products be banned?
  • Is the restriction on the use of drones for surveillance justified?
  • Should child labor be banned?
  • Can the use of recreational drugs be decriminalized?
  • Motorists should pay a road usage fee based on the distance traveled instead of the area covered.
  • Should religion be used as a basis for legislation?

Government and Politics

  • Should the government provide tax incentives for green energy?
  • Can voting be mandatory in the United States? 
  • Should the Electoral College be abolished? 
  • Should Gerrymandering be illegal? 
  • Can the United States adopt a single-payer healthcare system? 
  • Should The United States abolish ICE (the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency)? 
  • Can The United States ratify the Equal Rights Amendment? 
  • Should The United States join the Paris Climate Agreement? 
  • Should The United States pass a law guaranteeing unpaid paternal leave?
  • Can term limits be imposed on members of Congress? 


  • Should vaccinations be mandatory?
  • Are sugar taxes an easy way to combat obesity?
  • Should fast food advertising be regulated?
  • Should Junk food should be banned in schools?
  • Can the legal drinking age be raised to 21?
  • Should seat belts should be mandatory in all vehicles?
  • Are helmets mandatory for all cyclists and motorcyclists?
  • Is it wise to install airbags in all vehicles?
  • Should child car seats be mandatory for all children under the age of 12?
  • Can the government provide free or low-cost health care for all citizens?


  • Was the American Revolution fought over taxes?
  • Was The American Revolution not about democracy?
  • Were The Founding Fathers not fans of democracy?
  • Had the Constitution not been written to protect the rights of individuals?
  • Was The Bill of Rights added to the Constitution as an afterthought?
  • Is The United States not a Christian nation?
  • Was Slavery the primary cause of the Civil War?
  • Was Reconstruction a failure?
  • Discuss whether the Progressive Era was a time of great reform in the United States.
  • Democracy or dictatorship? What rules the USA?


  • Should Humans Colonize Mars?
  • Is Nuclear Energy Safe?
  • Should We Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life?
  • How Will AI Change the Future?
  • What Are the Ethical Implications of Cloning?
  • Is global warming a real threat?
  • Is there anything we can do to stop climate change?
  • Should we be investing in renewable energy?
  • Is fracking safe for humans?
  • Is it wrong to test products on animals?

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  • How participation in sports can help children develop important life skills?
  • Why sports can help children socialize and make new friends?
  • Should sporty children be less likely to engage in risky behaviors? 
  • Should sports help children build self-esteem and confidence?
  • Can participation in sports teach children about teamwork and cooperation?
  • Can football help children stay physically active and healthy?
  • Playing football than swimming helps to relieve stress and anxiety
  • Can tennis provide an outlet for creative expression?
  • Can athletic participation teach important life lessons?
  • Discuss whether horse riding can help with socialization?


  • why has the internet made it too easy for people to plagiarize?
  • How is Social media causing people to become more isolated from each other?
  • Smartphones are making people dumber.
  • How has social media changed the way we interact with each other? 
  • Technology is causing an increase in anxiety and depression. Here is how.
  • Why Is technology addiction a real thing? 
  • Technology is making us less patient and more impulsive.
  • Technology is causing us to have shorter attention spans.
  • We are becoming slaves to technology and it is controlling our lives.
  • How has technology changed the way we communicate? 

Social Media Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Can social media make us more social?
  • Should we overcome social media addiction?
  • Should we be worried about our data on social media platforms?
  • Are we becoming more narcissistic because of social media?
  • Does social media make it harder for us to focus on tasks?
  • Destroying the myth that social media is necessary for networking  
  • Online relationships are better than offline friends.
  • Is social media leading to more mental health issues? 
  • Can social media cause an increase in cyberbullying? 
  • Can Social media promote body image issues? 

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Unusual persuasive essay topics allow students to engage with complex topics. They help form an educated argument while learning how to listen to write a persuasive essay on opposing points of view.

Here are some unique persuasive essay topics for adults to choose from:

  • Should abortion be a personal choice?
  • Was Donald Trump a successful president?
  • Is there any evidence that God exists?
  • Can studying humanity be helpful to reduce poverty? 
  • Can American Dream be a reality if you work hard for it?
  • Should there be paternal leaves?
  • Should gun ownership be more tightly regulated?
  • Are LGBTs wrong to demand equality?
  • Is surrogacy a viable option?
  • Should transgender be given voting right all over the world?

Fun Persuasive Essay Topics

Here is a list of funny persuasive essay topics to ease your burden in finding one.

  • Should people like watching funny cat videos?
  • Why are you not an expert at anything but gaming?
  • Why does watching violent videos doesn't fry your brain?
  • Is smoking good for you?
  • What is your pet really thinking about you?
  • Should you love your computer when it freezes up?
  • Can the customer be ever wrong?
  • Do teenagers deserve to have the worst jobs for the worst pay?
  • Starbucks or McDonald’s coffee; Which one is better for a breaking up?
  • Should you love your last name?

Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Is the jury system necessary?
  • Should biological weapons be outlawed?
  • Will the next generation be better off living on Mars?
  • Is government surveillance beneficial?
  • Should children under 18 have unrestricted access to contraceptives?
  • Should sex education happen at home with parents?
  • Is it better to be an only child or have siblings?
  • Should parents be allowed to choose their child's gender?
  • Is social media a positive or negative force in our lives?
  • Does an animal make the best pet?

How to Choose a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

Choosing a good persuasive essay topic is half the battle, especially if you have a broad range of interests. 

To find a good topic, do the following;

1.  Consider your audience.

Who will you be writing your persuasive essay for?

Is your audience liberal or conservative? Young or old? Religious or secular? Knowing your audience will help you to choose a topic that appeals to them.

Expert Tip

Reading different persuasive essay examples will further help you understand the tone required for different audiences

2.  Choose a topic you are passionate about.

Your persuasive essay will be more successful if you write about something you care about. Choose a topic that you can research thoroughly, and that has multiple sides to it.

3.  Do some preliminary research.

Before choosing your final essay topic, do some preliminary research to see what information is available on the subject. 

This will help you narrow down your choices and choose a topic that can be adequately researched.

4.  Make sure your topic is debatable.

Your persuasive essay will be more successful if you choose a topic that can be debated. Avoid topics that are too one-sided, as this will make it difficult to persuade your reader.

5. Be aware of your own biases and preconceptions.

When choosing a topic for your persuasive essay, it is important to be aware of your own biases and preconceptions. 

These can distort your view of the issue and make it difficult to choose the topic objectively.

Picking the right persuasive essay topic is crucial to write an interesting and impactful essay.  

Now that you have chosen your essay topic read on to learn how to write a compelling persuasive essay.

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Tips for Writing a Compelling Persuasive Essay

Writing a persuasive essay is an art, and it takes practice to master it.

You should make thoughtful, strategic decisions about the topic you choose for your essay and smartly craft it with facts and research.

Here are some tips to help you write a compelling persuasive essay topic

  • Start with an attention-grabbing hook: The first sentence of your essay should grab the reader's attention. It should make them read more. 
  • Clearly state your position: It should be clear and concise and should state your position on the issue. Your thesis statement should be arguable, meaning that someone could potentially disagree with it.
  • Use evidence to support your position: To persuade your reader,  use evidence to support your argument. Make sure that your evidence is credible and comes from reliable sources.
  • Address counterarguments: An important part of a persuasive essay is addressing the other side of the argument. A counterargument is an argument that goes against your thesis statement. 

For example, if you are arguing that abortion should be illegal. You might address the counterargument that abortion should be legal in cases of rape or incest. 

  • End with a strong conclusion: Your conclusion should restate your thesis statement and summarize the main points of your essay. Learn how to write a conclusion to enable the reader to think about the issue in a way

So, what are you waiting for?

Start using these persuasive essay techniques to get your readers on board with your argument.

Let's wrap it up!

As you can see, there are a lot of great persuasive essay topics to choose from. Whichever topic you select, make sure that it interests you and is arguable. Above all, have fun with it! 

Now that you understand the basics, it’s time to get started on your own paper. Remember, the most important thing is to choose a topic that you feel passionate about.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Good Persuasive Essay Topic?

The best persuasive speech topics will make your audience think, challenge them, and have a clear point of view. Choose something you are passionate about and can argue for convincingly.

How do I research an Easy Persuasive Essay Topic?

Here are a few different ways to research persuasive essay topics:

  • Look for news articles or recent studies on a topic that interests you.
  • Talk to people who hold strong opinions on the topic. Ask them what their argument would be, and then try to find holes in their logic or evidence.
  • Look for statistics or expert opinions on both sides of the issue at hand.

What are the 3 Types of Persuasive Topics?

The three types of persuasive essay topics are 

  1. Logical
  2. Emotional
  3. Ethical
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Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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