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Research Paper - Writing Steps, Topics & Sample

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Published on: Jan 3, 2023

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Research Paper

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Are you struggling with your research paper? Writing a research paper seems like a nightmare to you? Good news is, with us, you can learn how to write a research paper in a few simple and easy steps.

A research paper is an academic paper that the student writes to acquire his degree. It is an independent research work that involves analysis and explanation of the research topic.

Writing a good research paper needs more than subject knowledge. It requires commendable research skills, ample time, and practice to write a good research paper. This is where most of the students lack.

Nearly 60% of them do not know how to write a good and effective research paper. This badly affects their peace of mind and grades. has expert research paper writers. They specialize in writing quality and custom papers for all academic levels.

Here, they have explained the steps involved in writing a good research paper.

What is a Research Paper?

A research paper is different from a research proposal. It is different from an essay in terms of length and depth of research. It provides a complete analysis and explanation of the chosen research topic.

Writing a research paper required solid research and writing skills. Since you need to present and discuss relevant arguments, you need to know how to explain your point of view properly.

This is where most of the students lack. They do not know how to do it properly and often stay behind in their class. If you are also one such student then you are in luck.

This blog has everything you need to understand how to write a good research paper properly and before the set deadline.

Research Paper Outline

‘What is a research paper outline?’

research paper outline is a complete plan by which a writer writes his research paper. Creating a good research paper outline is important for a flawless course of action. Here is a sample research paper outline;

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COVID-19 and Vaccination - The Debate

I. Introduction

  • Definition of COVID-19
  • Rise in the number of cases in places where it did not previously occur, or the cases were in negligible numbers.
  • Figures: The number of cases per annum in the last one and a half years. Connect the evidence with the immunization.

II. The Main Topic/Issue

  • Historical Background
  • Challenges of COVID-19
  • Socio-economic impacts of the virus
  • Possible options to resolve the issue
III. Literature Review
  • Review of relevant previous research and literature
  • Overview of their results and methodology
  • Relevance with your research
  • A cohesive summary of the findings
IV. Dangers of COVID-19
  • Preliminary symptoms and timeframe of the virus
  • Fatality rate and statistics of different areas
  • The mode of spreading the virus
V. Preventive Measures and Doubts
  • The Process of vaccination in different areas
  • The vaccination debate considers both sides of the argument: why is vaccination important and some people oppose it.
    • Arguments of those arguing against it
VI. Specific and Notable Cases relates to the Vaccination Debate
  • Recent outbreaks in America, Australia, and Canada
    • Vaccination ratio in the affected areas
  • Number of cases in unvaccinated areas
VII. COVID-19 and Other Diseases
  • Dangers of COVID-19 in connection with other diseases
    • Diseases that can occur as a result of the COVID-19 virus.
    • Death ratio due to other diseases after patient contracts COVID-19 virus.
VIII. Conclusion
  • Summary of the arguments
  • Summary of figures in the context of the vaccination debate.
  • Conclusion statement
    • Which side of the argument is rational?

How to Write a Research Paper?

‘How do you write a research paper?’

Writing a research paper is different from writing a college essay. It is in-depth in nature and it requires ample research and good writing skills to write an impressive research paper.

When writing, many students seek online help from sources like college and university websites and other academic sites.

Here is a sample to help you see what a research paper looks like;

If you want to learn how to write a research paper and could not find the required help anywhere, you will find it here. We have explained each research paper writing step in detail below.

1. Understand the Assignment Requirements
‘How do you start a research paper?’

Before you start writing the research paper, here star some things you should understand;

  • If you have any doubts regarding the instructions, clarify them in the beginning.
  • Note down the paper’s main goal, the required length, formatting requirements, and the mode of submission.
  • Find main points and make their bulleted list so that you do not miss out on anything.

Consider the provided timeframe and word limit and dedicate enough time to complete your paper.

2. Choose a Good Research Paper Topic
An interesting research paper topic is essential for writing a good research paper. You can generate a good topic by brainstorming and listing down all the potential topics.

Once you have some topics, you can research and choose the one that offers good research scope. A good topic is both original and specific enough to guide your research. Here is an example;

  • A paper that analyses the theme of marriage in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (see how the paper gives only a topical view of the topic.)
  • A paper on how Jane Austen criticized the institute of marriage and how it was used as a social mobility tool in Austen’s Era. (the topic explains what the paper aims to achieve and prove.)

The second topic makes a better research paper subject. A good research paper topic must communicate clearly.

3. Conduct In-depth Primary Research
Conduct in-depth preliminary research. Do not just find only the sources that verify your ideas but find those also that present contradicting views.

Here are some credible sources to consider when looking for your paper’s research sources;

At this stage, it is better that you form some research questions. These questions will help you stay focused on what you want to achieve with your research.

4. Develop a Thesis Statement
thesis statement is the central theme of your argument. It is a part of the introduction but you should develop it early. It will help you begin your paper in a strong and focused way.

For example, if you have formed a research question, your thesis statement must answer it.

It should be concise, coherent, and able to inform the readers about the paper’s main subject matter. According to, a thesis statement is,

'a short statement, usually one sentence, that summarizes the main point or claim of an essay, research paper, etc., and is developed, supported, and explained in the text by means of examples and evidence.’

When working on the research paper, your thesis statement would change a number of times. Therefore, keep it open-ended in the beginning.

5. Create an Outline
A research paper outline is essential for writing a great and effective research paper. An outline includes everything that you would add to your research paper. Divide the outline into sections and make points of details that you would add to each section.

6. Write the First Draft of the Paper
Your first draft will never be perfect but you can always polish and perfect it later. Right now, your main focus should be writing the paper, its organization in a logical order, and expressing your ideas in a clear manner.

You can begin writing the paper from the main body section rather than the introduction. At this point, just write down everything. Do not delete anything but keep it in another document.

Make proper paragraphs for each section. Here is an example of a well-written and structured paragraph;

Paragraph Example

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a political satire that talks about how political leaders and parties mold the ideals and policies of the party as per their requirements. This phenomenon is very clear by what happens in the real world and how the political leaders use the policies for their personal advantage. For example, the paper written by a Welsh political science student, ‘The Disorientation of the Political Language’, 2013, analyzes how political language and speech create an aura of ambiguity among the masses. The paper analyzes each point in detail and presents the same kind of analysis as that of Orwell’s. Even after so many years, Orwell’s novel holds the same exact significance.

Once you are done with it, you can move on to the next sections of the paper.

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7. Write the Introduction of the Paper
A good introduction section must inform the readers about what the writer will discuss in the paper. After reading the introduction section, the reader must know what the paper is about and why it is important to read it.

At the end of the introduction, an abstract is added, and knowing how to write an abstract for your research paper will help you in creating a strong thesis.

8. Write the Body Section of the Paper
The body section is the lengthiest section and part of your research paper. It will include everything including the literature review, the methodology, the other sections of the paper, and the results.

Since it is a lengthy section, many students often feel overwhelmed and confused when writing it. This is where a good outline comes into play. With a good outline, you will be able to stay focused and complete this section on time.

9. End the Paper with a Strong Conclusion
The research paper's conclusion is the last part of the paper. It provides closure to the entire paper. A good conclusion must not include any new ideas or beliefs. It should summarize the main points and restate the thesis statement. Learning how to write a conclusion will help you summarize the important points properly.

10. Edit, Proofread and Revise the Entire Paper
Once you finalize the paper, read it thoroughly. Proofread it meticulously and make sure that you remove all kinds of errors from it. Revise it accordingly and make sure that you do not submit a faulty research paper.

When done with writing the research paper, make sure that you add page numbers on each page before submitting it. You can also view research paper examples to know more about writing a research paper.

Research Paper Topics

Here are the top research paper topics for your paper;

  • Relationship between students and teachers, and their learning motivation.
  • Social impact of mobile phones on teenagers' life.
  • Impact of social media on Youth's personalities.
  • The influence of unemployment on people's mental health problems.
  • How the education system should be according to the environment.
  • The study of Animal Rights Activism in the US.
  • Computer Game Addiction: A Study on its effects on individuals, families, and society.
  • Environmental impact of e-waste.
  • Understanding adult attachment styles and self-esteem: A study through the relationship among them.
  • Effects of Electronic Commerce on society.
  • The influence of social media as a means to share knowledge.
  • Evaluating the effects of obesity medication on their social life.
  • The impact of social media on sexual relationships among the young generation.
  • Remediating the effects of a decreased birth rate in the US.
  • The study of job satisfaction and its effect on individuals, families, and society.

Writing this kind of paper is difficult because it requires solid research skills and time to gather relevant and important data. Many students do not have both of them.

For them, our essay writing service is here to help. We provide custom writing services for all kinds of assignments and papers. To get your research paper, place the order for our essay writer now.

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Nathan completed his Ph.D. in journalism and has been writing articles for well-respected publications for many years now. His work is carefully researched and insightful, showing a true passion for the written word. Nathan's clients appreciate his expertise, deep understanding of the process, and ability to communicate difficult concepts clearly.

Nathan completed his Ph.D. in journalism and has been writing articles for well-respected publications for many years now. His work is carefully researched and insightful, showing a true passion for the written word. Nathan's clients appreciate his expertise, deep understanding of the process, and ability to communicate difficult concepts clearly.

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