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Outstanding Research Paper Example for Students

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Published on: Jan 3, 2023

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Research Paper Examples

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The research paper is a common assignment for high school and college students. It structures the learning process by providing an opportunity to practice writing skills with expectations from professors who teach various courses. This type of document can serve as evidence to help you earn better grades.

The research paper is a type of writing where the author details their analysis, interpretation and evaluation on an assigned topic. It requires both time and effort to be crafted correctly.

We’ve got a great selection of research paper examples for you. These examples are written by professional writers who know how to write engaging content in various formats.

Check them out below and get to know about them in detail - it will help clear any confusion when working on yours from scratch next time.

Research Paper Example Format

When formatting a research paper, many different rules must be followed. The two most popular styles of a research paper format are

  1. MLA
  2. APA

These research paper formats provide specific guidelines on font choices for titles/headings and layouts of pages throughout your work document - from abstracts to references.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

Research Paper Example APA

The American Psychological Association (APA) is a style commonly used in the behavioral and social sciences, like psychology or sociology. Papers that might use this format include empirical studies, theoretical articles, literature reviews, and case studies.

Follow these guidelines to ensure your research paper is organised and correctly formatted.

  • The title page is an essential part of any paper. It must include the running head and proper name as well as school or professional affiliation.
  • The APA recommends using a 12pt Times New Roman font to make your work as readable and professional looking for publication.
  • Make sure your paper is double-spaced with 1" margins on all sides.
  • The abstract is a one-page summary of the key points from your research. It should not exceed 150 words, and it needs to be written in full sentences so that readers can easily digest what you're saying.
  • The references page is where you list all citations that were used in your paper. This helps readers find sources, and it also formats them properly so they can be cited correctly when needed.

To be a successful researcher, you need to know how APA formatting works. The following is an example of how to format your research paper in accordance with the APA.

Research Paper Example MLA

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is a style used to document research in the liberal arts and humanities. This style is a powerful tool that can be used to document any type of source for any paper.

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Further, this style is great for those who write papers on academic subjects. The formatting guarantees that your paper will be easy-to-read and organized.

Here are some formatting guidelines that will help you format the paper in MLA.

  • Use title case for the tile.
  • Place the title at the center of the page.
  • Keep the font size 12pt.
  • Indent every new paragraph 1/2 inch.
  • Page numbers are added to the first page of your document if you want them. Similarly, put the page number in the running head section as well.
  • MLA's font for your paper is Arial and Times New Roman. However, there are no obligations to use this specific style, so you can easily choose any font type.

To get started, look at the example provided in this format style.

Research Paper Example for High School

The research paper is essential for the high school academic assignment. It helps students develop their analytical skills and learn how efficiently they can add new additions to the existing research.

Although they can be difficult, compared to other types of assignments that students face for their coursework and degree requirements - such as high school term papers or essays- they usually require less work from you.

However, for your help, we gathered an example that you could use as a sample for writing your paper.

High School Research Paper Example

Research Paper Outline Example

The research paper outline structure is crucial to a good paper because it ensures that you include all of the information required for your argument. It will help you stay on track and prevent writer’s block.

Outlines are a great way to organize your thoughts before writing research papers. They can be as detailed or simple, depending on the needs of you and your professor.

The following example will be helpful for the students to create an outline for the research paper.

Abstract Research Paper Example

The abstract is a crucial part of your research paper that summarizes the entire text. It provides an overview, explaining what you are trying to achieve with this particular study and why it's important for researchers, especially those who will read.

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Your abstract is the briefest summary of your paper, and it should include keywords that search engines can use to index your published work.

You should know that abstracts have to be interesting, creative and engaging. But if you don’t have any idea how to write a perfect abstract, check this example.

Methods Section of a Research Paper Example

The method section is an important part of the paper where you need to report in detail how you conduct research.

This section allows the researcher to show what methods you use and what results you obtained from the methods. Also, show why your research is better than previous research.

Below is an example that gives you a better idea of writing the method section of the research paper.

Research Paper Example Method Section

Introduction Research Paper Example

Most research papers include an introduction that sets up the topic and approach for readers. An introduction provides background and presents the topic, but not in detail.

The opening paragraph of your paper must have an attention-grabbing hook that will capture the reader's interest and make them want to read on. A good way is with a catchy phrase or clever quote, which also provides context.

Once you’ve captured your reader's attention, share more details to narrow down the topic. Plus, conclude the introduction by stating the thesis statement.

Pay attention to the following example that gives an idea of how to structure your introduction section.

Discussion Section of a Research Paper Example

The discussion section should focus on what you found. It should show how it relates to your literature review section and then make an argument in support of that conclusion.

The strategy for combining the results and discussion varies depending on your needs. If you’re not sure how best to organize them, look at some examples in this area or consult with one of your supervisors.

Below, we have included an example that will help you in your writing phase.

You are now ready to start working on your own research paper. You have all the information, examples, and knowledge you need to create something great.

With these examples, you should be able to understand the process of writing a research paper. If your work is still not done correctly or you need professional assistance, simply consult

From us, you will get high-quality writing services at affordable rates. So, hire an essay writer now and make your writing process easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a research paper example?

Here are some steps that will help you write a research paper.

  • Understand the assignment 
  • Pick a good research paper topic 
  • Conduct research 
  • Write thesis statement 
  • Create an outline 
  • Start writing 
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Nathan completed his Ph.D. in journalism and has been writing articles for well-respected publications for many years now. His work is carefully researched and insightful, showing a true passion for the written word. Nathan's clients appreciate his expertise, deep understanding of the process, and ability to communicate difficult concepts clearly.

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