’s Honor Code - Standards We Follow is a company that takes academic honesty and high standards seriously. Our Honor Code, which is designed to communicate our expectations to our students and consumers, is a manifestation of this dedication. It informs the students and clients about what they can anticipate from us as well as what we will do to maintain these principles.

We demand the best from our professional essay writers so you may rest assured that you will not get anything less than the best.


The Honor Code of

We at do not support or promote any sort of academic dishonesty. We are dedicated to maintaining academic honesty and high but honest grades.

Our Expert Writers will Never Impersonate a Student for Exams takes academic honesty very seriously. Cheating or plagiarism is not permitted and will result in the expulsion of the guilty writer from our staff immediately.


We Have Strict Policies Against


When you receive assistance with your homework from someone who is not authorized to assist you, it's known as cheating.


Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else's work and failing to give them credit for it.


Impersonating another student or assuming their identity in order to participate in improper activity.



Our ‘write my essay’ company is dedicated to honesty. We will never aid customers in committing fraud or engaging in illegal conduct. Dishonesty among our workers is also not acceptable to us.

If it is discovered that one of our writers has been involved in an illegal act or a policy violation, he or she will be instantly dismissed from our team.

A Reminder for Students

We understand how difficult it is to accomplish all three at the same time: have a full course load, study in college, and live by the honor code. However, we don't think it's a good idea to risk any of these things. This is because of an obvious breach of institutiona; rules, you could jeopardize your academic career.

  • Students are not allowed to utilize our platform or services for any illicit activities, such as breaking institutional rules.
  • You must not share any of the academic materials provided to you by with anybody else, even if they pay for your work.

A Reminder for Business

For those searching for an expert essay writer on the internet, is a fantastic source. However, it's not suggested that you break company rules on this website since termination or legal action can result if the problem gets worse.

  • Business representatives who use the platform should not engage in any illegal behavior. This includes any form of fraud, cheating, or academic dishonesty, as well as any other unlawful conduct.
  • This company's writing services are not to be used by employees of any other company for fraudulent behavior.

A Reminder for Teachers & Schools

Our essay writing service values your efforts to maintain academic honesty in your teaching and academic practices. We applaud and support you for your commitment to providing honest, transparent, and useful education and learning experience.

We encourage you to report any dishonesty, cheating, or breach of academic honesty that you discover or hear about as academics and individuals connected with academic institutions.

A Reminder for the Writing Experts

As a professional writer, you may use our service to get opportunities and project yourself as a competent writer to students and businesses. It's critical that you follow these rules as a writing expert working on the platform:

  • When you're a writer, you're not supposed to do anything illegal. This includes academic honesty rules being broken, institutional policies being violated, and failing to live up to what the company expects of you.
  • It is unlawful for writing professionals to be involved in any manner, whether as a business representative or a student, to aid with cheating and fraud.

Restricted Task Requests at

On our platform, there are some constrained activities that clients, businesses, and expert writers are not permitted to do. This isn't a comprehensive list. Please consult the Terms & Conditions for the full details.

Clients of

Individuals who violate our Terms of Conduct may be prohibited from utilizing all of our services on this site. The following are examples of Honor Code infractions:

  • Falsification or fabrication of financial statements.
  • CV or resume fabrication with phony or fraudulent job experience.
  • Writing legal documents, such as leases and deeds.
  • Creating a false online identity and assuming another person's persona for any purpose or activity.
  • Collaborating on academic work or education materials that will be presented as students' own work.
  • Writing of research papers including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabrication of data, information, citations, or any other academic material that had been deemed unethical by the university and corporate standards.

Have you seen any violations of the Honor Code here?

Please submit a complaint, and our staff will respond promptly!

Report Violation of the Honor Code

We understand that our clients deserve nothing less than the best level of service, and we make every effort to give it to them. Please notify us as soon as possible if you discover anything unethical so that we can take measures to prevent it from recurring.