Privacy Policy

General Provision

We want you to know how we protect your information. First, we collect your personal information. Next, we store it on a computer or a website server. Finally, keep it private with security features like passwords and encryption.

This privacy policy applies to information that is collected by .

By using our website, you are accepting and agreeing to the practices listed in this Privacy Policy.

  • We are not storing your credit card information. We are not selling, sharing, renting, or leasing it to any third parties.
  • The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally. You should always check them to make sure you know the latest changes. Changes take effect as soon as they are posted.
  • The Site has ads that come from third parties. They collect information about you and your interests on the Site or on other websites and use it to give you advertisements that are based on your interests.
  • We do not have access to, or control over, the information that these third parties may collect. These third parties' information practices are not covered by this privacy policy

What Information Do We Collect from Our Clients collects information in different categories. Depending on how you use our services, you might give it information which may include:

  • 1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Your name, email address, age, password, user name, gender, postal code, and other registration information.
    • Transaction-related data may include any of these: credit card or other preferred ways of paying, billing or shipping information.
  • 2. Anonymous Usage Information (non-Personally Identifiable Information - non PII)
    • This data is about how you use our website and your activities on it.
    • Usage History does not include any information that could identify you.
    • We may use your IP address to fix problems or manage the website. It is also used for information about you which helps our marketing team understand what you need. Your IP address is not PII (personally identifiable information).

How We Use the Information Collected From You?

  1. To deliver you the services or papers that you ordered on our website.
  2. We customize content and offers to make them more suitable for you.
  3. To keep you up to date on changes and improvements our team has made at
  4. Invitation Services are activated by:
    • may offer you to send out invitations for your friend.
    • This service allows you to import a list of contact people from a certain email box. Then it will send an email on your behalf, inviting them to use
    • The information you give and the contacts that you give invitations to will not be stored or used for any other purposes.

Information Sharing with Third-Parties

We will not share, sell or give away any of your personal information with anyone else. The exceptional circumstances may be:

  • If it is abided by the law to do a disclosure.
  • When you use an online payment system, we might have to share your information with the company. This could include your name, email address, or billing or delivery address.
  • uses contractors to help us with marketing and operations. If they get your information, they will keep it safe and not use it in different ways than what our privacy policy says.


We use cookies to store information about what you are doing. We also use them to:

  • To identify whenever you log in to our website.
  • We can make our website better for you by customizing it to your preferences.
  • We can customize our offers and promotions to suit your needs.

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored in your computer. They help us identify you better. You can choose to not have cookies on your browser by blocking them. But if you do this, note that you will not be able to use all of the features from